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My Demo Reel, and a set of animations which include a golf swing training animation, game character animations with character rig, motion graphics, and texture painting time-lapses.

3D Models

A collection of 3D models, for real time interactive media.  These range from photo-realistic textured models to models with stylized hand painted textures, many with normal maps baked from high resolution models.
More on Sketchfab

3D Renders

3D renders produced for marketing collateral used in brochures, web, flyers, and trade show posters.  Developed with 3D Studio Max, Blender 3D, and Photoshop.

Product Lighting produced for E-Commerce. Responsible for Maya V-Ray shaders and Lighting.


Games created using Unity3D.

Elevator Horror VR
Oculus Rift / Android

Minions’ Plight!
iOS / Android

iOS / Android

2D UI / Game Props

A collection of UI icons and props.